Travel Insurance: Get to Know All About Travel Insurance Claim Process in India

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Got a travel insurance? Great! You have put on an extra seat belt that keeps you financially secured over your trip.

We understand your pain if you have suffered an unfortunate event and need to claim your travel insurance. The process can be overwhelming, especially after undergoing a catastrophe, here we will break down everything you need to know about travel insurance claim process.

Types Of Travel Insurance

Following are the types of travel insurance you can purchase according to your need while travelling in India or abroad:

  • Student Travel Insurance
  • Domestic Travel Insurance
  • Family Travel Insurance
  • Senior Citizen Travel Insurance
  • Group Travel Insurance
  • International Travel Insurance

Get Resolutions for Insurance Complaints

First things first, fill the claim form. Fill all details as accurately as possible. You would need to bring together important documents that are required along with a claim form.

Documents Required to claim a Travel Insurance

Here are the list of some important documents which need to be submitted to the insurance company while filing your travel insurance claim.

  • Original ticket or boarding pass
  • Copy of the passport indicating travel dates
  • Claim form
  • Original bills, receipts and vouchers
  • For medical claims – medical practitioner’s consultation notes, original admission/discharge card, bills with prescriptions
  • Emergency travel certificate and new passport copy (in case of loss of passport)
  • Details of compensation provided by Airlines, if any (in case of loss of checked baggage)
  • Letter from policyholder citing the reason for the cancellation of trip
  • Copy of cancelled cheque
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Note: This is not an exhaustive list and insurance company might ask for additional documents.

(Expert’s advice: Always keep a copy of the claim and all required documents)

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Travel Insurance Claim Procedure:

You will have to provide them details about the incident and take authorization for the expenses. Most of the insurer company websites mention the claim process online. Make sure you read it thoroughly and carry out the claim process in an informed manner.  

For example, here are some different scenarios-

If you are a victim of medical emergency- let’s say you with an accident or illness on your trip. You may file a claim while you are on the trip. However, if you had funds to incur the costs, you can apply for a reimbursement claim after returning from your trip.

If you are a victim of crime- your destination is vital. Reach out to the nearest police station as soon as possible and register a complaint. Without a copy of the complaint, you cannot raise a claim. Also, you will need to inform the Insurer Company or agent immediately.

(Expert’s advice: As soon as you face an unfortunate event, make sure you inform your Insurer Company or agent as soon as possible).

After you have applied for a claim, your agent or a member of your insurer company will investigate into the matter and try to settle as soon as possible. If you receive an outcome that you are unsatisfied with, please feel free to reach out to us.

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Get Resolutions for Insurance Complaints

If you are facing any problem related to travel insurance claim, so we are here to help you. Insurance Samadhan already helped resolve over 13,500 customer grievance cases in the past related to all types of Insurances, ULIPs and other financial products.

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