Top 4 Common Mistakes Travelers Make When Filing a Travel Insurance Claim

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We are sorry that you faced an unfortunate event on your trip but buying a travel insurance is one best thing you did. Before you file your claim, here are four common mistakes you need to keep in mind so as to avoid and not get your claim rejected.

Avoid these 4 Mistakes while filing a Travel Insurance Claim

  1. The temptation for exaggerating losses
  2. Don’t forget to check your plan limits
  3. Not being able to provide complete documentation of losses incurred
  4. Don’t wait too long before filing a claim

1. The temptation for exaggerating losses

After your trip goes wrong, you may desire to exaggerate your losses. We understand the temptation but in plain simple terms, we have to break it down to you that misrepresentation of facts (even to the slightest degree) counts as a travel insurance fraud which results in rejection of your claim. Do not do this!! Your insurer company will send an investigating officer to look into your case and he/she would request all evidence stating your losses. If discovered that the losses are indeed exaggerated, your claim will be denied on grounds of misrepresentation of facts. Here, you will not even be able to reimburse your actual losses, which is why we always advice to never misrepresent facts.

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2. Don’t forget to check your plan limits

Every travel insurance plan comes with a pre-determined coverage limit for all covered benefits. Let’s say, you planned your trip to the United States and your luggage got misplaced or stolen (in which, you packed your camera, jewellery, watches, etc.). Let’s assume that you bought a travel insurance plan that covers you up to 50,000 inr but there’s a maximum limit of 20,000 inr on such items. Also, to claim for these items, you will need to provide original receipts. In such a scenario, despite having a travel insurance, you cannot fully claim your losses. Which is why it is important to check your plan limits for each individual covered benefit.

Also, we advise that while packing, it’s always good to consider packing expensive items in your carry-on. Otherwise, you may consider splitting expensive items into two bags so that if one goes missing, you won’t lose everything.

(Expert Advice: Document all your expensive items before packing. Take photos of such items so that you have all evidence).

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3. Not being able to provide complete documentation of losses incurred

While filing a claim, you would be needing to document all your losses incurred. In failing to provide relevant documentation, you claim can be rejected. Here’s a list of documents you may need-

List of Documents you may need while filing travel insurance Claim

  • Receipts and invoices for your expenses.
  • Documentation of any refunds or expense allowances received from your tour operator, travel agency, common carrier, resort, property management company, or other entity.
  • Copy of resort invoice/vacation rental contract or confirmation
  • Any appropriate documentation that officially explains the cause of your trip cancellation or interruption.
  • Any explanation of diagnosis along with your original itemized bills, receipts, and proof of other insurance payments.
  • Original unused tickets, copies of invoices, proof of payments, and other documents that substantiate the cost or occurrence of the trip cancellation or interruption.
  • Documentation of refunds received from the travel supplier(s) and/or common carriers.
  • Copy of the supplier’s literature that describes penalties.
  • A letter from the tour operator or an itemized bill from the travel agent stating the non-refundable amounts of the trip costs.
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4. Don’t wait too long before filing a claim

We understand that you are returning back from your vacations straight into a jam-packed schedule. However, if you need to file a claim for your travel insurance, your need to do it as soon as possible. In most scenarios, company’s offer a 90 day period from the date of the unfortunate event for you to submit your claim. Yet we always recommend to file a claim within 30 days itself if possible.

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