5 Top Reasons why you need travel insurance for your family in India?

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While traveling, especially to some foreign country, purchasing a travel insurance is a must as it can save you from various unfavourable situations or be a great help in case you are in some crisis in a faraway foreign land. People might tend to avoid buying a travel insurance to save some money, but if some emergency arises, a travel insurance can not only save your trip but you as well from a much bigger loss. If your family is accompanying you on a trip, a travel insurance becomes even more vital.

A family travel insurance covers the entire family as the name suggests and in most cases it includes two adults below the age of 60 and two children below the age of 21. In case the family has a third child, he/she can be covered by paying some extra premium. The family travel insurance is often called the family floater plan and it covers a wide range of things such as:

  • Baggage loss
  • Theft
  • Medical emergencies
  • Flight delay/cancellation
  • Damage due to natural disasters.

When you are travelling with your family you want the vacation to be as stress free as possible. The amount of risk is also higher, while traveling with your family. Under various circumstances, such as food poisoning, theft or damage due to any natural disaster it would affect more number of people. In such cases having a family floater can be a blessing as it would save you from incurring a huge loss and you can travel with more peace of mind knowing that you are covered.

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Here are the 5 things you need to consider while getting a travel insurance for your family

  • If you are travelling to some extremely remote places then you need to be airlifted in case of some emergency. You must get a family floater policy depending on what kind of location you are travelling to and get the amount of coverage accordingly.
  • The weather can play a very pivotal role during your travel. In case you are going to a place which is prone to extreme weather conditions such as a tropical cyclone or heavy rain you must get a suitable family floater that covers for natural disasters or damage to your belongings.
  • A travel insurance for your family can provide a huge amount of financial security to you while you are on the road, all set to have few stress free day filled with pure bliss. As the insurance would also covers your medical expenses, it’s a great relief to know that you do not need to be in financial crisis in case something happens, health related, to you or your family.
  • For many countries it is mandatory to have a travel insurance otherwise it would not be possible to even obtain a visa. For such places getting the family floater plan can help you to save a lot of money as they are comparatively cheaper than getting an individual coverage with the same benefits.
  • Checking the list of exclusions is very important for the family floaters. For example many insurance companies would not cover anything related to dental issues while some insurance would not cover you and your family for missed flight. You must check this exclusions and if needed pay little more premium to get an insurance plan that will actually benefit you.

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