Dengue Cases Rise Amid Heavy Rains: A Matter of Concern

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Delhi has seen a rise in dengue cases amid heavy rains over the past few days. A total of 525 dengue cases have been reported in the city till September 21, this year. Out of which, 281 were reported this month alone till September 21.

Dengue Cases Rise Amid Heavy Rains: A Matter of Concern

Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) conducted a drive to check the spread of dengue and found mosquito breeding at 257 construction sites. The MCD’s Public Health Department took action against the owners/contractors of the sites.

Usually, cases of vector-borne diseases like dengue, malaria, and chikungunya are reported between July and November, sometimes stretching till mid-December.

According to the officials, this year dengue cases in Delhi were recorded earlier than usual due to weather conditions congenial for mosquito breeding.

The MCD urges the public to actively participate in the prevention and control of vector-borne diseases like dengue.

The Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal said that a plan has been devised to combat the vector-borne disease. In the upcoming days, several measures where school students will play a role will be taken to check the spread of dengue.

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How to Fight Against Dengue?

There is no medicine available to treat dengue. We can only try to avoid infection by preventing mosquito bites. We must use mosquito repellents and wear full-sleeved shirts and long pants. Cover your feet by wearing socks and proper shoes and not slippers (slip-on shoes). In addition to this, we must financially protect ourselves by buying a health insurance policy that covers vector-borne diseases.

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