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Insurance claims are of two kinds – Maturity claim and Death claim.

Maturity claims are relatively simple to catch, as the Insurance Company does not have any uncertainty of fraud. All they do is check if all the premiums are paid in time and so as to get your maturity claim equipped.

The following are all the documents you need to carry:

  1. Discharge form
  2. Original Policy Documents
  3. ID proof
  4. Assignment (If any)
  5. Canceled Cheque
  6. NEFT mandate

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Death Claim is comparatively complex and entails that all documents need to be submitted correctly in one go. The insurance company is obligatory to inspect every death claim and customarily will pay the claim in a month’s time. However, in the case of early death i.e. Death within 2 years of the acquisition of the policy, the investigation may take 6 months.

The documents prerequisite for Death Claim are as follows:

  1. Death Certificate
  2. Original Policy documents
  3. Id proof of the beneficiary
  4. Discharge form
  5. Medical Certificate
  6. Police FIR( In case of unnatural death)
  7. Hospital Records
  8. Cremation Certificate

Please ensure that you notify your insurance company immediately following the demise of the insured person. Please do not delay as this raises apprehensions for the investigator in the insurance company.

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