E Insurance Account – Are you Aware of Vault Service? Everything You Need to Know About E Insurance Account

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Ashok had 5 insurances which he had taken for the financial security of his family. Ashok shifted his job from Mumbai to Delhi and all documents were kept at different places. One day, Ashok died and his family had to move every where to locate documents and file claim. It took time and money.

Ravi had taken 5 insurance policies which he found difficult to keep so he looked for option to keep document in digital form and came to know about E Insurance where Insured can keep all records digitally. Ashok was pleased that he can keep all his insurance in digital form including:

  • Life Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Travel Insurance
  • General Insurance

Family of Ravi is aware of all policies and their availability on digital vault.

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It is like Dmat Account of shares. In Dmat , you don’t hold physical shares but can know about your holding with a click of button .

In same way, you can create an Insurance Vault keeping all your insurance policies in Digital form under Insurance Repositories

Insurance Repositories

There are 5 Authorized Repositories to open an E-Insurance Account

  1. NSDL Database Management Limited
  2. Central Insurance Repository Limited
  3. CAMS Repository Services Limited
  4. Karvy Insurance Repository Limited
  5. SHCIL Projects Limited

One can choose their Repository Partner and keep all your Insurance Policy in one account . These Repositories are linked to all Insurers and Insurance Companies would directly send Policy Document to Repository in Digital Form ..

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Benefits of E-Insurance?

  • Easy to maintain
  • No fear of loss and theft
  • Paper Saving
  • Account opening is free.
  • All policies at one place.
  • Convenient for Nominee
  • On line premium payment
  • No need to submit KYC as soon as e account number is given.
  • One can add existing non e policy.
  • There are no charges of opening an account.

How to Open an Account

  • Select a Repository
  • Download application form and submit with ID proof and cancelled cheque
  • You will get an E account number
  • Send your e account number to all your insurer and Digital policies will be sent to account
  • If buying a new policy then just select repository and agree for e account. Your policy will be linked to your account and Repository will send you an account number.
  • It takes 7 days to open an account.

Insurance Samadhan feels that E Insurance should be adopted at the earliest.

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