How not to fall trap to Insurance Mis-selling – A Case Study

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Stating that insurance policies are prone to fraud or mis-selling is the unfortunate “fact” of today. It’s more or less obvious to a lot of people, given the high number of customers who have experienced mis-selling or fraud. There are variant shades to insurance fraud- given the overly complicated framework of insurance policies, we are not surprised to hear from our customers that they didn’t understand the policy structure well or were outright misled into buying the wrong plan.

However, at the end of the bargain, it’s always the customer who ends up suffering while the intermediaries get their pockets full with a fat commission. 

Mr. Amardeep Prakash, a working professional, was a victim of insurance mis-selling. He was sold a fraudulent policy with fake promises by one of the leading insurance companies. 

Despite reaching out to the administrative officials after discovering that his policy was sold to him on false grounds. The company did not come forward to help the customer. They kept on delaying response while Mr. Prakash kept proactively tapping for 2-3 months. Eventually he did get a response but was completely unsatisfied as they did not offer him anything that he could benefit from. On top of  that, despite Mr. Prakash’s effort to make the company fully aware of unethical conduct of their agent, the company was least bothered to take any action against  their employee. Then as fate had it, he discovered Insurance Samadhan and got in touch with us. 

We empathetically heard his entire case, thoroughly read his policy, understood his concerns and evaluated all possible options for him. To our luck, Mr Amardeep placed his trust in us and let us represent him in this fight against insurance fraud. Then, with the help of our experts, we filed a complaint with all the necessary evidence with the company. We escalated the matter in hand with the company so as to resolve the case at the earliest possible and standing at our personal best, we got Mr. Amardeep got his money back within 15 days.

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This article is here only to make you aware and prepared before anything like that happens to you. And even if it does, just contact us

Our experts at Insurance Samadhan are here to help you throughout the process and we will fight for you to make sure you get what you deserve!

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