Indian Cricketer Shreyas Iyer Got Rs 7 Crores for Not Playing IPL 14

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Indian Cricketer Shreyas Iyer missed the 14th edition of the Indian Premium League (IPL) 2021 tournament due to an injury to his left shoulder while playing one of the one-day internationals.

Shreyas Iyer was trying to save the boundary and ended up putting a hard dive on the ground. Due to the dive, his shoulder dislocated and was ruled out from the entire IPL 14.

The shocking news is Delhi Capitals paid the full salary of Rs.7 crores to Iyer.

 Indian Cricketer Shreyas Iyer Got RS 7 Crores for Not Playing IPL 14

How is it Possible?

As Shreyash Iyer was injured while playing, therefore it was counted as an occupational injury. Hence, Delhi Capitals was able to pay his salary under the scheme of player insurance.

What is Player Insurance Scheme?

As per the Insurance Scheme, if a cricketer gets injured during a match played for the country and consequently misses the tournament (completely or partially), then the insurance scheme will indemnify the cricketer. The cricketer will be indemnified according to the player’s total contract amount in context to the number of matches the cricketer missed due to the injury.

Note: This scheme is only applicable to BCCI-contracted players only.

Insurance Samadhan

BCCI and Insurance

BCCI has taken insurance for almost everything related to them:

  1. BCCI had taken mediclaim for its employees.
  2. BCCI has taken insurance for international and domestic players for the loss of fee/salary due to injury.
  3. Due to bad weather, riot, fire, etc., if the domestic, international cricket, IPL matches or the opening of IPL shows gets cancelled, then BCCI will receive compensation from the insurance companies. BCCI will then provide Rs. 5 lakh to the player who was set to play that match under the board.
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