Insurance: The Key to Enjoy Diwali 2022

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Every Diwali, a lot of cases of health, fire, and property damage caused by fireworks are reported in the newspaper. Most of the fire and property damage cases reported are related to stray firecrackers invading shops, warehouses, and houses causing a lot of destruction. The health-related cases include respiratory issues, heart issues, burns and injuries due to firecrackers.

This is where insurance helps us lower the risk and increase our enjoyment during Diwali. Insurance helps us reduce our anxiety about financial loss that might be caused during Diwali.

Insurance claims help policyholders to recover the amount of the loss/damage.

Let us understand how different types of insurance will help us enjoy Diwali in a more relaxing way:

about financial loss that might be caused during Diwali.

How Home Insurance Will Help Celebrate Diwali?

  1. The first and foremost festival we celebrate during Diwali week is Dhanteras. On Dhanteras, we purchase precious and valuable items. These items will be included in the home insurance coverage.
  2. Online shopping websites give the most exciting offers during Diwali and we tend to buy electronic items like washing machines, home theatres, etc. After the installation of these electronic items, home insurance will take care of the damages caused due to technical faults.
  3. During Chohti and Badi Diwali, we decorate our houses with diyas and Diwali lights. But what if a fire struck in the house due to diyas or lights? Don’t worry, home insurance will cover the risk.
  4. Even after the ban on bursting firecrackers in Delhi, there are people who still find a way and still burst crackers. There are chances that stray firecracker land in your house and cause fire. Home insurance might cover such damages too.
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How Health Insurance Will Help Celebrate Diwali?

  1. Asthma and other respiratory ailments, etc associated will air pollution during Diwali will be covered by a health insurance policy.
  2. Hospitalisation due to diabetes and heart issues caused by excessive consumption of sweets and oily food.
  3. Burns and injuries due to fire caused by firecrackers will be covered by a health plan.
  4. Medical bills, ambulance charges, and other hospital expenses will be taken care by the health insurer.

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How Motor Insurance Will Help Celebrate Diwali?

  1. Cases of road accidents increase during Diwali due to smog affecting visibility, firecrackers and drunk driving. Therefore, a comprehensive motor insurance policy that covers both third-party liabilities and own damages must be bought.
  2. If your car catches fire, you can ask for a claim for the financial loss.
  3. In case of poor visibility, a third person gets injured, or his property gets damaged, the policy would help financially.

If your genuine insurance claim gets rejected, you can reapply. If you need help approach Insurance Samadhan*, we’ll be happy to help you.

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*Insurance Samadhan is a private organization and has no association with IRDA or any Government body.

Insurance Samadhan Wishes You a Very Happy and Safe Diwali!!

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