Top 5 Things to be considered before Buying Travel Insurance Online

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There are few things more pleasurable in this world than traveling. It is relaxing and educating at the same time and this is probably the best way to grow as a person and one keeps on acquiring new experiences. However, something that is meant to be this wonderful could easily turn into a nightmare if you are not traveling with a travel insurance, especially when you are making a particularly long or an overseas trip. Travel insurance today can be easily bought online.

To start with, traveling without enough travel insurance cover could leave you in a difficult financial spot. It is important to remember that there are a number of things that could go wrong during a trip. You could have a sudden health concern in the middle of the trip, flights might be cancelled or delayed without prior notice, your luggage could be stolen and lots of other such situations might arise. Getting travel insurance will be a safeguard against such situations because it covers these risks and compensates for the loss of the insured person that could arise due to sudden and unplanned circumstances during the journey. It is important that you get such an insurance especially during a trip overseas because you are far from home and amenities there could prove to be quite expensive.

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Here are top 5 things that you need to keep in mind while buying a travel insurance online:-

Inclusions and Exclusions:

Be very sure to clarify any doubts you might have regarding the inclusion and exclusion of the plans, which at first, looks the same. To start with, health insurance is a necessary component of any travel insurance, so do not get a plan if health is not covered. Then again, loss of luggage is also covered by most travel insurance but be sure to find out about the nature of the loss that the insurance company is specifying. Loss of important documents or flight cancelations and delays are also covered. Accidental death during travel or disabilities that might occur during the trip is not covered by all policy so if you are traveling to a danger prone area, you need to get a policy that has these provisions.

Coverage of Duration:

This clause is based on the duration of the trip one is undertaking and so customers can choose from annual multi- trip policy or opt for a single trip travel insurance policy. It is important to check how many consecutive days will be insured under the plan and depending on how frequently one travels, one should be able to choose the correct policy type. Some plans also offer an option of extending the plan if the trip duration is extended. It can also help with saving the premiums.

Coverage of Destination:

Travel insurance companies in India provide both kind of plans which offer coverage based on certain geographical location or also offers global coverage, irrespective of where you are traveling to. It is always better to opt for the former because then there are less chances of rejection. However, it is still important to go through the sub- clauses and the sub limits of the coverage for the various different location to have an idea about how much will you be compensated if something arises in these locations.

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Whether it is a Comprehensive Coverage:

It is best to get a comprehensive coverage which will cover each and every person in the party. However, it also means there will be a limit on the claims filed. Nevertheless, anything untoward in the trip could happen to anyone. Also, there is usually a pre- set coverage amount which has different benefits assigned to them. Go through the various policies online to check the maximum coverage you can opt for and select accordingly.

Pre-Existing Health Conditions:

Insurance companies in India mostly do not offer cover for an insured persons pre- existing health ailments but some insurers provide coverage against specific conditions like heart problems. It is also necessary to disclose these health conditions to the insurance company prior to getting the insurance to avoid rejection later.

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