Alternatives to try if your Car Insurance Company is not paying for your Claim

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It has now mandatory to have an auto insurance if you have a car but it can be very frustrating when the insurance company does not accept those claims when the need arises. The insurance safeguards the driver and his family against personal injury, death or property loss, or even long term medical care. In case of a claim being rejected, ask the insurance company to provide the reason in writing.

However, there are some other ways that can be tried in such cases by contesting the decision of the auto insurance company. This is especially with regards to a claim being “Closed without Pay”, if you are not satisfied with the reasons of auto claim rejection.

Here are the top things you can do when a car insurance company refusing to pay your auto claim:-

Firstly, while buying an auto insurance, make sure that you find out about any exemptions that the insurance company has so that you do not pursue them fruitlessly. Be sure to clear any doubts you might have before you sign on the dotted line. However, if the claim is valid, then there is no reason why one should pursue them. Hence, once the reason of the rejection of the claim is provided in writing, one can approach an attorney who is especially experienced in dealing with auto insurance claims and compensations. The customers are expected to pay monthly, quarterly, half- yearly or annual premiums for a protection in case of a mishap and if the insured feels that the accident or incident should be covered by the insurer, then they should pursue the company to the court of law.

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Insurance companies often refuse to cover claims citing the cost or the service of repair was either unnecessary or because they say it is some kind of a fraud. Yes, the insurance company will safeguard its interest because there have been multiple instances before fraudulent claims have been made, which is why, the insurance companies also have sophisticated software in place to analyze the claims. However, if you are truthful, you have a right to contest their decision. At times, claims are rejected because the paperwork is misplaced or simply due to technical glitches in the system where the data is stored. That is when manually pursuing the claim becomes important.

Getting assistance from an attorney will be of great help in this matter. Make sure that you have all records of the communication- any emails, or even recorded phone calls, and notify the insurance company about the same. A complaint can also be lodged with the state department of insurance against the auto insurance company.

If the insurance company is not answering your emails, or returning your calls, then ask them in writing that what is causing them the delay. Some insurance companies continue to stall until and unless they receive a legal notice, hoping that the insured will simply stop pursuing them after a point out of frustration. Do not give in to those tactics and if the insurers try to negotiate a settlement or argue about the settlement amount, make sure you do it with your attorney by your side. Once the insurance companies see that you have covered all the loopholes and your claim has been established as a valid one, then they are bound to pay.

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    i have submitted my claim for my car. it’s already been 30 days and my payment has not been received yet. I just want to know that what is timeline for claim settlement.

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