Why is Critical Illness Cover Important and What is Critical Insurance

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Critical illnesses like cancer, heart diseases, polio, etc cost a hefty amount to get treated for. A normal medical would not be sufficient to cover even 10% of the treatments.

A person above the age of 35 should invest in a normal mediclaim policy with a critical illness rider. These riders are meant to help a working professional regain their lost income during his/her treatment.

For instance, you get admitted to the hospital and the bill of 6 lakhs is cleared by your 10 lakh mediclaim, but your doctor asks you to rest at home for the next three months. But you are going to need money to survive those non-working for three months.

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This is where critical insurance will help you and make sure you invest in one according to your earning capacity.

PS- The money given to you by your insurer is termed as a defined benefit plan and is for defined critical insurance.

What documents would you have to submit for Critical Insurance Cover?

The only proof of allopathic diagnosis is needed to claim you’re critical insurance

No treatment paper, hospitalization papers are needed in critical insurance.  

Does critical illness cover all kinds of treatment?

Yes, it does!

For instance, you land up with heart problems and the doctor has told you not to do an allopathic treatment but to do a naturopathy one,

With critical illness insurance, you can get treated in any method you like, India, or abroad, this is a diagnostic-based benefit and can be claimed once the illness has been diagnosed.

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PS- All methods are not covered by medical

Who should take this?

The ones who are the sole bread earner or who have a business of their own or even employed

Who sells them?

1. Life insurance companies sell them as a rider and not a separate      plan.

12 to 16 critical diseases are covered and since they cover limited diseases, they are comparatively reasonable.

2. Health insurance companies sell it as independent plans, as a      renewal contract. Approximately 32 diseases are covered by them. And since      a lot of diseases are covered, this will be comparatively priced a bit      higher.  

3. General insurance companies also sell them as independent products      although they have only limited illnesses

PS – A lot of people misunderstand critical insurance as a medical, it’s a supplementary product that needs to be taken with a mediclaim.

Coverage of Critical Insurance

You will receive one claim for one disease, you cannot request for a claim twice for the same disease.

If later on, you have another disease, you will receive your claim with a reduced sum assured.

For insurance, you have a 50 lakh policy and your heart problems cost you 25 lakhs. If you have to get treated again for heart problems you will not receive a claim. However, your policy will continue with a reduced sum assured.

Does it cover pre-existing disease?

No, it doesn’t.

PS – You will get a Critical insurance claim only if you survive 30 days, if you have a heart problem and die after 60 days, then you will get the claim.

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PS – Usually, investing in one critical plan is more than enough, as even if you have 2 plans from 2 different companies, you will anyway receive only one claim.

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