How to File Claim in Multiple Health Policies?

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Let’s Know how to File Claim in Multiple Health Policies

  • Most working individuals are covered by their organisation and may also have their personal health insurance
  • Also, at time, your spouse company may also have provided you with the health insurance cover under family coverage benefit.
  • Your working children may have parental insurance cover provided by their organisation or they may have chosen to add you while buying cover for themselves.
  • We may have bought multiple policies to cover the risk.

So many of us may have multiple policies covering our health. Let’s know the Process.

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Process to Make Multiple Health Policies Claims

While filing the claim, you may choose one policy which has maximum Sum Assured to cover your expenses. Sometimes in group insurance you may have contributory clause which you must check and choose policy which does not have the same.

1. Cashless Claims

The health policy you choose should be first used to file the cashless when admitted in the hospital to get the maximum benefit. You must collect all bills duly attested along with the settlement summary (amount of claim settled by the Insurance company). You may then approach the second company for claiming reimbursement of the balance amount.

2. Reimbursement Claims

If the cashless claim is settled you can apply for reimbursement of the balance amount based on the bills and the settlement summary. You can visit the website and understand the claim process of your insurer.

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If however you have gone for total reimbursement as cashless claim was not paid, you must apply with the complete original documents and follow the process as given by your insurer.

You May Require the following Documents to file the Claim

  • Discharge Summary
  • Prescriptions
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Bills and Receipts
  • Films

When you making a claim, it is always recommended to choose your employer’s insurer first as the process will be much quicker being a group insurance. It is important you procure multiple attested copies of the aforementioned documents from the hospital. The first company will provide a claim settlement summary, which must be submitted to the next insurer to file the claim for the balance amount.

If your claim gets denied for any reason you may take up with the grievance cell of the company and IRDA if your claim is genuine.

Health coverage is crucial in the current scenario. Covid 19 cases are increasing rapidly putting everyone at the risk of hospitalization. Its always better to buy one policy which good Sum assured then multiple policies to cover the risk and make the process of claim less cumbersome.

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